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how to hero, or the subway play

For Young Audiences

(Flexible Casting or 2W, 2M, and 3W/M)  Webster is 11, and he has a lot of questions:  Why are the grown-ups building a new subway tunnel along Second Avenue?  Why won’t his sister Rory stop stuttering?  Why have all the words disappeared from his copy of Bulfinch’s Greek and Roman Mythology?  And most importantly: is it still possible to visit the King of the Underworld to rescue a lost thing, for example, a father?   Webster, Rory, and their friend Madison try to answer these questions when they sneak into the new subway tunnel on a quest to find their lost words and their lost father.  On the way, they meet a strange cast of characters (and rats!)  who live under the streets of Manhattan.

how to hero.png

Filament Theatre, Chicago

Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago

West Noble High School, Ligonier, IN (amateur)


Hunter College, New York

Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago

Photo Credit: Cliff Schwartz

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