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In the Belly of the Whale

aka The Jonah Play

(3W, 2M)  Astrid is a sculptor.  Domino is a hoarder.  Jona is a writer.  Calliope is a parrot.  They all live together—separately—in a Manhattan studio apartment building.  When it begins to rain…and rain…and rain…they pile into one of Astrid’s sculptures and float out to sea.  The adventure that ensues tests their endurance as they lose one world and create another in the belly of a whale.  This new take on the biblical story of Jonah asks the question:  What does it mean to be swallowed, by a great fish?  By a city?  By yourself?


NNPN at the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC

Taffety Punk, Washington, DC

Something Marvelous, Chicago

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