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I Carry Your Heart 

(4W, 2M) Phoebe is a young poet, forever living in the shadow of her estranged mother’s literary acclaim.  When her mother unexpectedly dies, however, Phoebe is left with two complicated legacies: donating her mother’s organs and reading her mother’s unpublished confessional journal.  Meanwhile, Tess and her partner Lydia receive a late night phone call, informing them that a donor heart is available for Tess – good news, but news that has come far sooner than they were prepared for.  As these two families form an unlikely connection, they struggle to understand the politics and poetics of organ donation—and they dare to hope that pieces of us can live on after great tragedy.

Elayn Taylor. Photo by Mae Koo (1)_edite

59E59 (Athena Theatre), New York

Hangar Theatre, Ithaca

Bootleg Theatre, Los Angeles


Prologue Theatre Company, Chicago

Chicago Dramatists, Chicago


Hope on Stage Playwriting Award


BPP Woodward/Newman Drama Award

Photo Credit: Mae Koo

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