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North Star

(8W, 1M)  Summer in the north woods of Minnesota. The days are long. The stars are bright. But when it gets dark, it gets really dark—like when someone opens fire at camp. NORTH STAR is a new play that centers around an all-female group of campers and counselors coping with violence that leaves them utterly vulnerable. At the crux of this play is the question: what happens when social contracts are broken, when gun violence breaks through places that should feel safe, and when young people lose trust in the adults in their lives? Their stories are entwined with the French Canadian myth of La Chasse-Galerie, in which a group of voyageurs made a deal with the devil to journey home in a flying canoe in order to see their lost loved ones.


Headwaters New Play Festival, Creede, CO

North Park University, Chicago

Chicago Dramatists, Chicago


Tofte Lake Center

National Winter Playwrights Retreat


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